Space and Form by Poppy Lekner
Winter Elder by Derek Mohr
Horizontality Study by Poppy Lekner
Scholastic Gargoyle by George Omorean
Clematis Florida Alba Plena #1 by Stewart Jack
Punk Horror Mik by Bill Lund
Savanah by Bill Lund
The Dream (1) by Stephanie Hogen
Tulip1 by Renata Zarzyka
Untitled by Radosław Brzozowski
Poppy and Vase by Robert Poole
Violet by Bill Lund
A Thousand Lilies (The Procession) by Margrieta Jeltema
Mik and Sid by Bill Lund
A Thousand Lilies (Bringing Home the Lilies) by Margrieta Jeltema
Cornus Kousa Snowtower #3 by Stewart Jack
Casey by Bill Lund
Spring Elder by Derek Mohr
San Francisco De Asis 2 by Robert Poole
Disc Study by Poppy Lekner
Brianna by Bill Lund
The Tunnel by Barbara Eberhard
Timeles Mountains by Ken Bell
Chevrolet Truck Rusting in the Palouse by Matthew Ragen
2x3 Studies by Poppy Lekner
Concerta by Barbara Eberhard