A Summer's Dance by Kazumi Atsuta
Knud Rasmussen Glacier by Bob Neiman
Dock by Robert J. Anderson
Through a Rainy Windshield by Andy Fritz
Contemplation by Bob Bader
Missouri Quarry #2 by Trent Foltz
Le Crotoy-Somme by Francis Elsocht
Peaceful by Matthew DeZee
Bayon Temple by Richard Newell
Mamay by Peter Schon
Versailles I by Andrew Tershakovec
Winter in Jerome by Gilbert C. Pogany
Callanish by Robert Poole
Undefeated by Carol Thomas
Floating Bubble by Carlos Caruso
Ghostly Trees by Tom B. Burgher
Haggling at the Goat Market by John Eaton
East Wall Hike by Scott Sandler
Wodaabe Men by France LeClerc
Visite-Musée by Francis Elsocht
Lake Louise by Ray Gormann
Helping Hands by Ushi Grant
Morning in Central Park by Stephane Graciet
Sea Ranch by Joan Moir
Tunnel Vision by Matthew DeZee
Chapel on the Hill by Kay Beausoleil
Joy of Life by Ushi Grant
Axton Road Chicken Coop IR by Tommy Gibson
Passages by Philip Gornicki
Nets by Roger Beck
Rain Pond by Irene VanBuskirk
Social Distancing by John Eaton
Moving In by Debbie L. Rubin
Train Station by Thomas M. Hoban
Woman in Door by Evan Plunkett
Camel Sunset by Bob Bader
Sunbathers by Gary Matson
Woman on Stairs by Norm Snyder
Gondola Service by Richard O'Neill
Waterfun by Pierre Lievens
On Wings of Light by Thomas Sturm
Torii Gate by David Ruderman
Going Home by Kay Beausoleil
Subway Station by Ray Gormann
Solitude by Ushi Grant
Bamboo Grove and Steps by Victoria Ruderman
Wodaabe Mother and Child by France LeClerc
Missouri Quarry #1 by Trent Foltz
Gesto Bay and Loch Harport by Robert Poole
Untitled by Robin Dahlberg