B&W: 2020 Portfolio

Landscape / Nature

Seduction VI by Michael E. Gordon
Banyan Tree 7 by Bob Neiman
Mijo in the Trees by Ryan Synovec
Antelope Canyon 3 by Ben Haytock
Ancient Tree by Stuart R. Williams
Alienation #6 by Shinya Ichikawa
Old Aspens by Tom and Marj Green
Cloudy with Chance of Hay by Michael Knapstein
Snow on Birch by Frank Kaczmarek
Ghost Ranch by Beamie Young
Ficus by Daniele Regis
Light Tree by Christina Shelby
Pepper Tree by Stan Kuran
Cottenwood Tree by Chris Freeland
Tower Hill by Robert Daum
Aspens I by Paul Kister
2) Lake Shore by Joe Sack
Clouds 2 by Stephane Graciet
Stone Head by Mauricio Mendiolo
Zabriskie Point by Gregory Talley
Untitled by Alan Hans
Ordesa by Nacho Garces
Beach Palms 2 by Michael Stoklos
Old Tree and Half Dome by David Ruderman
September Aerial Observations Eleven by Alex Ferrone
Two Trees by Tom Kirkendall
Living In A Lunar Spell by Blake Kuehn
Dead Tree by Jenny DeVine
Tree Shadow by Daniel Andre Vaquero
8 by Danielle Austen
Spring in Chicago by Vojin Drenovac
Strawberry Creek by Andy Sanchez Alcaraz
In motion 9 by Anna Matveeva
Spine. Oceano CA by Tomas Garza
Reflection by Joel Rubin
Into The Mist #2 by Juan C. Mancheno
Untitled #8 by Kenneth C. Evans
Spring Oak by Tony Williams
Waves by Rich Harrison
Half Dome - 1 by David Martin
Tre Cime 1 by Steve Moretti
Sharimiki Bonsai by Donald Bolak
Lookout by Phyllis Goodfriend
Jardin Mediterraneo 8 by Patricia de Ocio Dudley
Joshua Tree by George Katzenberger
Slot Canyon No.1 by Jo Kubran
Tree & Granite Wall by Dan McLean