Saule 2 by Francis Elsocht
Kid Jumping Out of Window by Jack Feder
Cotton-Candy by John R. Pepper
Young Love by Jack Feder
Thinking Girl by Ben Murphy
Street Vendor by Samuel H. Brown
We Have Each Other 2 by Robert C. Anderson
Pole Position by Steve Chinn
Los Osos Oak by Duain C. Wood
Girl with Venetian Blinds by Jack Feder
Election Time by Wendy Mullinder
Arrow Gate by Pieter Verhoeven
Mother and Daughter by Jack Feder
Nike in the Garden of Miraflores by Rene Rodriguez
Two Young Women in Window in Morocco by Jack Feder
RFK Admirer by Jim Lustenader
Durango Nights by Gregory Monroe
Sunday Morning in Wroclaw by Vladimir Kabelik
Man With Pipe by John R. Pepper
Dead Dollies by Vincent Frazzetta
Passing Fancy by Liza Botkin
The Campers by David Pantuso
Scooters by David Pantuso
Untitled 8 by Burt Allen Solomon
Be Alive with Woman Dead to the World by Jack Feder
Central Park by Jeff Rothstein
Untitled 1 by Burt Allen Solomon
Motorcycle Man by John R. Pepper
Sunday Mass by John R. Pepper
Untitled 6 by Burt Allen Solomon
Gas Station Attendant by Vladimir Kabelik
Untitled 3 by Burt Allen Solomon
Mother and Child by Wendy Mullinder