14 Made entirely of models hair by Bill Fink
4 Burnt Wall ...Made Entirely of ashes from burnt wood photographed in picture by Bill Fink
16 Picture made entirely of soil by Bill Fink
Piazza del Popolo by Sandy Lloyd
Scabiosa in Palladium by Stewart Jack
Everything Will Disappear by Angela Casagrande
Cornus Kousa Snowtower in Carbon by Stewart Jack
Afterglow by Hiroyasu Matsui
13 Made entirely from iron oxide rock by Bill Fink
Guardian of the Portal by Les Allen
2 Sisters Picture Made Entirely From Her Brothers Cremated Ashes by Bill Fink
9 My Eye Made entirely of My Hair by Bill Fink
Forms VI by Rodrigo Etcheto
12 Glass jar picture made entirely of ashes by Bill Fink
Hopeful by Oysten Glenne Kristiansen
Friends by Barbara Eberhard
Resilence 1 by Antonio Domingues