B&W: 2019 Portfolio

Pattern / Texture

Boothbay Ripples by C E Morse
Discovery by Kenneth C. Evans
Painted By The Elements 9 by Carl Rubino
BMW Headquarters by Duschan Tomic
Out of Nowhere 8 by Daniela Gobetti
Auenhammer Ice 2 by Natascha Auenhammer
Bubbles by Beamie Young
They Broke In by Cintia Malhotra
Bonita Springs Tidal Marsh 1931 by Rick Menapace
Urban Myopia 8 by Martine Michaud
Silt Patterns and Rock by Harald T. Johnsen
Not In Oz by Robert C. Anderson
Wuhan 2 by Francesco Carucci
Palmetto Fan by Hilda Champion
Dry Earth by Guillaume Simioni
Shadow of the Living by Jessica Myscofski
Silvered Water by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Untamed Creations by Bogdan Grygriel
Water into Water by Nicholas Stover
Friendship 7 Heat Shield by James Maxwell