B&W: 2019 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

06 Sky Harp by Jurgen Dopatka
Church by Bob Neiman
Curved Building Reflection by Don Jacobson
Soviet Tower by Robert Fischer
Looking Up 4 by Jim Sinsheimer
Endless Moods by Peter Lik
4 Fl. Polytechnic Univ by Joe Constantino
Single Slit Experiment 04 by Hiroyasu Matsui
Curved Steps 1 by Erik Nash
Geometries I by Stephane Graciet
Chiesa Santa Maria della Domenicane by Chrystal Lea Nause
Kilmainham Gaol by Gordon Middleton
Snow Day by Bob Bader
Westend Tower by Duschan Tomic
Final Journey IX by Steven W. Stanger
Staircase In The Rookery Building by Jose Paulo Andrade
Indian Architecture 5 by Joe Sack
Gutted by Roger Gaess
Wrong Way by Carol Cirillo Stanley
Pinhole Gallery by Harvey Cobb
Light Moves 2994 by Rick Menapace
Angle On An Entrance by Robert C. Anderson
London #6 by Stewart Jack
Branching Out by David Ingraham
Only Twin by Christopher Tamas Kovacs
The Drapery by Eric T. Kunsman
Wuhan 6 by Francesco Carucci
Courtyard Entry by James P. Sweeney
The Eye by Hilda Champion
Battersea by Giulio  Zanni
Eastern State Penitentiary #8 by Al DaValle
Highway by Michael  Schiffhorst
Moscow Mill and Moon by Sophie Mosimann
Atrium by Mark J. Kushner
Bridge 9 by David Chui
Cathedral by Nacho Garces
Passage 23 by Alina Marin Bliach
Opera House 10 by Jürgen Grade
The Force by Addie Jenkins
Zhadid 9893 by Eli Matityahu
Ladder and Shadows by Gregory Collins