B&W: 2009 Single Image

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Leaves by John R. Ziemba
Tree in Fog by Lawrence Hislop
Honeysuckle before during after by Ron Hugo
Sunflower 2 by Cara J. Jennings
Lily by Melody Davis
Study of a Cactus by Allan R. Lamb
Nightshade Dawning by Becky Chapman
Hawaiian Tree Fern by Julius Lester
Inner Glow by Teresa Baber
Trumpet Mushrooms by Norma P Gerard
Bluff Lettuce by Eduaro Fujii
Branch by Freddy Beltran
Leaves 9 by Jim Greipp
Black Rose by Robert A. Dawson
Virtue by Philippe Gross
Tulip Splash by Richard Lotman Brown
Agave Study #2 by Robert Cleveland
Les Raisins by Donald Dashfield
Passing of Time 5e by Jennifer Bong
Frozen Whispers 1 by R Kent Reyes
Morning Dew by Lyndsey Healey
Waiting by Edda Blume
Fallen by Bishop Bastien
White Magnolia 2 by Jaime Santos
Kiss. Montreal by Peter Pusztai
Backlit Leaves by Nancy Abens
Sousaphone by Jimmy Williams
April by Judy K. Dethmers
Flower 1 by Tracy Elliott
Sunflower & Bee by Scott Fowler
Three White Pears by Peter Ingrasselino
Phlox by Tim Fabian
Microscopic Alga-Micrasterias ceratofera by Michael Dingley
Convergence by Jack Curran