King in Repose by John R. Ziemba
Migration by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Imagen Onírica by Nestor Herrera Govea
Camden Morning I by Anne Randolph von Kuhn
Breathe by John Scarlett
Bandicoot Butt by Bill Bain
Pesto by Alejandro Aldaco Rico
Stalking Tiger by Joyce Woolems
An Afternoon Bird by David Jaewon Oh
Chalcosoma Romolea by Andrea Wolff
Wish by Marilyn Galosy
Flamingo Before Color by Gerald McDowell
Andersonville by Todd Fox
A Headless Dog by David Jaewon Oh
Lucky by Siobhan McClory
Moving Cow by Alexander Sinitsyn
Horses in Snow by Alan Geller
Baby Owl 1 by Bec Thomas
The Hunt by John Scarlett
Cookson's Wildebeest by Gero Heine
Argiope Spider and Ant by Ron Hugo
Bird #1 by Noel J. Elliot
Three Goats by Anastasia Pottinger
Bird by KJ Byrd
Between Brothers by Siobhan McClory
Cowgirl by Carolyn Guild