B&W: 2009 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Stairs by Lora Sfeir
Ghent Church by Ronald Lloyd
Stairs by Dragan Sandic
Spirit and Light by Andrew Ilachinski
The Inner Sanctum by Jamie Seguino
Kiva by Lee Manning
Bridge Construction by Jan Jaster
Arch in Sunlight by John R. Ziemba
Interior with Lamp by Lawrence Hamel-Lambert
Disney Stairs by Charles F. Mason
Roof #1 by Christopher Alzapiedi
Gardeners Shack by Robert J. Quinn
Untitled #3 by Scott Clarke
A Pair of Racks by Susan Stone
Guggenheim 2 by Charles F. Mason
The View from Below by Ingrid Susanto
e-Louvre by Manuel Vazquez Munoz
Embarcadero Skyscraper by Larry E. Jones
Amtrak Station Noir by Al Morrison
Quad by Jim & Anne Mitchell
La Defence 1 by Dr. Gary Morgan
Stairs by Glenn Larsen
Siam Curve by Randall Howlett
The Upstairs Room by Donald Dashfield
Round and Square Corners by Susan Stone
Downstairs in Metro Station by Itzhaky Aviv
Harvest by John Diephouse
Storefront by Bruce Forbes
Palace Walls by Suart Brafman
Untitled by Eric Lajeunesse
Mezzanine by Randy Wright
The Pearl by John Holger Holm
Courtyard Door by Weaver C Barksdale
Quiet Shadows by Joe Puglisi
Doorway by Nancy Abens
Pacific Union Club by Charles F. Mason
Flats Fixed by Tom Green
New York by Eric Lajeunesse
The Pantheon by Tim Schweighart
Suburban Legend by Christopher J. Piazza
12th Night by Jon J. Verburg
Railed by Jaron Arboleda
Knox College by Errick L. Cameron
Table by Richard Roche
Commerce Lights by Joseph Marler Bailey
Roof #3 by Christopher Alzapiedi
Windows by Hal Robert Myers
Midway Village by Teresa Baber
World Trade Center - St. Paul's Chapel by Bruce T. Gora
Biltmore by G. H. White