Allison in Studio #1 by Alan Thompson
Untitled 1 by Bob Barks
Folds Study 1071 by Howard Schatz
Nude by Marie Wilson
Pleasure of Lassitude by Michael Grace-Martin
Untitled 3 by Paul David
Figure 2 by Alan Jacques
Folds Study 1315 by Howard Schatz
Renee by John Hildebrand
Winter Nude #2 by Patricia Lay-Dorsey
Nude 2 by Julius Lester
Eve by Billy Monday
Lines and Curves 2 by Garrett Mockler
Starla in her Studio by Stephen K. Hall
Swimmer by Philip R. Terman
Underlap by Matthew Scherfenberg
Untitled 7 by Alexander Velasquez
The Weathered Look by Dan Richard Barber
Draped Torso by Loran A. List
O.D. by Kip Folker
Untitled 12 by Anthony DiMatteo
Parasol by Jimmy Williams
Untitled 1 by Sharon Kalstek
Nude 3 by Julius Lester
Crossed Feet by Julio Hardy
Folds Study 23 by Howard Schatz
Untitled 5 by Bob Barks
Between the Pages by Gary Breckheimer
Dancer's Feet by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Morganstar by Kevin Merfeld
Immersion by Ken Goodrich
Nush by Julio Hardy
Cabaret Dancer by Mikel Flamm
Dirty Feet by Andrea Kaiser Carmosino