B&W: 2018 Portfolio

Landscape / Nature

Bonaventure Cemetery Trees IR 1074 by Bob Neiman
Birch Detail by Thomas Teich
Winter Melt #1 by Scott Hoyle
Treads by David Guidas
Blizzard Oak by Michael Knapstein
Boone Hall by Jeremy Barnard
Bryce Canyon by Robert Davis
Untitled 1 by Christos Markou
Beating the Storm by Bernard Werner
Yellow Mountain 1. by Linda Fitch
Banyan Trees by Lou Zucchi
Cauldron In the Sky by David Martin
Escape of the Soul by Erv Schroeder
El Capitan by Tom Kirkendall
Rocks and Roots by Justin Ciccarello
Arcadia trees by Daniele Regis
The Forest For The Trees by Debbie L. Rubin
Leaning North by Janet E. Chanay
Across Mongolian Landscape 11 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
Chief Mntontana by J.L. Woody Wooden
Dragon's Tail by Helen Shin
Abbey Tree by Lesley Foote
Art of Nature Faces in Uvac Cave 1 by Vojin Drenovac
The Road by Stephen Rostler
The Hidden Path To Fancher Davidge by Chester Simpson
Tree Burn by Stewart Nelson
Twisted Sycamore by Stan Kuran
Dune #3 by Curt Palm
Orchard by John Kitts
Geyer Basin 2 by Carol MacLeod
Afternoon Light by Lee Backer
Badlands 2015 by Lou Fischer
500 yr Old Tree by Steve Murray
December 12 2017 by Lee W. Bass