B&W: 2018 Portfolio

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Coneflower by Howard Grill
Interrupted fern by Thomas Teich
The Feather by Norman Robbins
Leaves Portfolio #1 by Karen Curran
01- the Creation of the Universe by Margrieta Jeltema
1- Lyman Farms#3 by Barry Guthertz
At the Mercy of winds by Igor Danilov
#10 by Tony Williams
Untitled 1 by Paul Hulewicz,
Chinese Lantern by Marc Sheridan
Silver Lotus by John Kosmopoulos
Surreal Leaves by Charles Burnam
Cemetary Lillies by Conrad Pressma
Agave by Stephen Rostler
Onions by Paul Arnold Ford
Azaelia Book Presssed 2 by Lars Runar lrunar994@gmail.com
Angel Of Iris by Chester Simpson
Garage Frond by Stewart Nelson
Agave Thorns by Stan Kuran
Crossing by Massimo Badolato
Morning Frost by Curt Palm
Gourd 1 by Michael Scott Pollak
Agave #2 by John Kitts
Geyser Basin 12 by Carol MacLeod