B&W: 2018 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Pyramid by Howard Grill
Aurora Tasiilaq 7839 by Bob Neiman
Dusseldorfer Architektur 02 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Island Walk 10 by Allan R. Lamb
Untitled 1 by Allen E. Shifrin
Fire Escape 1 by Norman Robbins
1 Oculus by Joe Constantino
Appartamenti by Barbara Ford Doyle
Art Museum by Michael Medrano
Cloud and Metal by Roderick Lyons
Aria Nite II by Robert Hewgley
Penzoil Building by Robert Davis
Untitled 10 by Christos Markou
Walls by Gordon Middleton
Urban by Tom Kirkendall
Chicago fog 1 by Alex Braverman
Acutely Angled by Nathan Dean
Fisher Body Works #1 by Matthew Ragen
Alone 02 by José A. Azcutia
New Olympus by John Kosmopoulos
Coast Guard Station by Charles Burnam
Endless Pocket by Helen Shin
Abandoned House by Conrad Pressma
Rome 9 by Paulo Romani
Untitled by John Petro
Chicago Skyscrapers by Stephen Rostler
AA Arena at Dawn by Michael Scott Pollak
Mission #12 by John Kitts
Image of Structure by Joshua Sarinana
Dinner by Jake Lambroza
Exit by Kirk Decker
The Wall 1 by Bjorn Bjornson
Building Patterns by Lou Fischer
Brunch is Served by Bud Patterson
1 Mission Concepción by Megan Schroeder
NYC Noir 1 by Kenneth Laurence Neal
Untitled by William Golding
10. Elements at St. Bart's I by Mio Akashi
Air by Larry Tomo
10-Silver Birch Fracking Site by Daniel R. Joder
Babylon by Robert Curth
A People by Josee Paulo Andrade
Geometria 1 by Jean Bai
Blue Steps 6 by Beverly LaRock
Abstract Reflections by Ray Germann