11. Polystichum by Jeff Blakely
Tic Toc Re Dux by Gene Dominique
9 Hay Bale by William Bullard
Splash by Scott Hoyle
Out of This World 1 by Joe  Sack
Snow Ladder by Mary Woodman
Scar by Merethe Wessel-Berg
Web Galaxy by Don Jacobson
Ice Study by Paul Reinert
10. Marine by Jeff Blakely
Soft Peak by Sara Yerkes
18 Wheeler by Mary Woodman
Light Detail by Jack Curran
Fog on Santa Monica Mountains by Rick Chertoff
Sprague Truck Window 3086 by Bob Neiman
Ancient Balustrades and Plastic Deck Furniture by Nathan Caplan
Seattle Fence by Scott Hoyle
Escher Roof by Ian Furlong
Salt Pond by Dennis Fritsche
Reflections at the Winspear No. 25 by Larry Hurlbut
Masked Ice by Don Jacobson
10 Hay Bale by William Bullard
Minimal Architecture by Sara Yerkes
Surf Montana del Oro by Rick Chertoff
Under My Umbrella by Diane MacDonald
Cannonball by Lee Gordon
Broken Blade by Alice A. Newton
Water Movement by Lu  Zhang
Fine Pine 2 by Paolo Todisco
Stairs Up & Down by Jerome H. Kay
Face in the Water by Larry Gregory
Figure by Per Magne Saetre
Circling the Light by Gwen Solomon
Narcissism by Sebahat Ersoy
Rail Mounted Snow Plow by Gary J. Alba
Star(ship) by William Brennan
Movin' Out by Bernard Werner
Lines in the Sand by Bernard Werner
Interior Geometry by Laurits Haaning
Natures Textures by Robert Anderson
Spider Light by Lynne Mass
Southwest Zebra by Dolores Smart
Float by Mary Doering
Le Grotte by Natalie Morawsky
4. Connections by Jeff Blakely
Whose Tears at the Holocaust Memorial by Natalie Morawsky
Reflection by Per Magne Saetre
Rain Drops by Jerome H. Kay
Shadow Stripes by Jerome H. Kay
Reflect Study 1 by Dennis Usdan