Dancing clouds by Julio M. De Pena
Reflections of a Tree by Alice A. Newton
Washpen Fall by Scott Fowler
Ice One by Kathy Mott
Ice Three by Kathy Mott
Bubble Net by Kathy Mott
Satin Ice by Terry Bowker
Evening Storms III by Jack Curran
Mangroves by Steven Savitz
Ponderous by Terry Bowker
Ice Two by Kathy Mott
Sculpted Ice by Paul Sokal
The Red Skiff by Alice A. Newton
Rock and Water by Per Magne Saetre
Schooner Head by Michael R. Berg
Jökulsárlón by James Reynolds
Ice Five by Kathy Mott
Satin Berg by Terry Bowker
Reflection by Christina Shelby
Salt Flat by Brooks Loomis
Morning Seas by Gary Wagner
White Lake #2 by Shinya Ichikawa
Journey by Arthur Wycoff
At the Speed of Life - Two Trees by Denise Dethlefsen
Arcadia Beach by Daniel  Rice
Winter by Per Magne Saetre
Untitled 1 by Liana Brown
Trio by Jean-Claude Ardila
Evening Storms I by Jack Curran
Path to Sea by Gary Wagner
Primavera Ice by Terry Bowker
Come to Light by Jean-Claude Ardila
Evening Storms II by Jack Curran
Hedge Creek Vignette by Denise Dethlefsen
The Swimmer by Natascha Auenhammer
Nymph-at-Waterfall by Paul J. Gonzalez
14. Zone 9 by Jeff Blakely
Tree Line by Jack Curran
Ice Reflections by Alison Woodward
Lenticular Clouds by Jack Curran
White Lake #4 by Shinya Ichikawa
Tower House by Terry Bowker
Morning on the Lake by Elaine Jones Heron
Twilight at Point Reyes by Jan Bell
Breakthrough by Paul Sokal
Stormy Coast by Bradley Bush
Isolated Reflection by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
The Sea Monster by Andrew Lincoln
Boat at Sunrise by C. Al Wood
Cades Cove by Alan H. Simmons