Dingle Harbor by Bernard Spinelli
4th of July Parade by Dale Livingston
Tree by Larry Gregory
The Fisher by Hendrik Paul
The Nanny by Hendrik Paul
Far From Here by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Transit Cars in Retirement by Robert M. Currier
Dawn by Dale Livingston
Vinnie by Jay King
The Rock by Myron Slabaugh
Car Lot by Allan R. Lamb
Procession by Walter Pinkus
Can A Mirrored Man See a Real Mannikin by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Colorado Housing by Allan R. Lamb
Abandoned House by C. J. Pressma
Shoe Shine by Marilyn Suriani
Doorway by Allan R. Lamb
I can't give my daughter away on an empty stomach by Walter Pinkus
Family Reunion by Marilyn Suriani
Corner Market by Jim Lustenader
Nude with Lion's Eyes by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Trio by Jim Lustenader
The Protest by Myron Slabaugh
Blue Hill Avenue by Robert M. Currier
Stewart Matra-Ford by Alan Mahood
#4 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Venice At Nigh by Don Jacobson
Blue Mt. State Park by Steve Saunders
#6 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
English Treasure by Allan R. Lamb
Sunday Reading by Hendrik Paul
Rivet by Allan R. Lamb
Preservation Hall 4 by Arthur J. Amman
Fire by Robert M. Currier