Adams St. Station 2 by Steve Saunders
Ring Around The Rosie by Hendrik Paul
Sideshow Swingers by Jeremy Barnard
Scouts Honor by Charles Klein
Puddle by Charles Klein
Curiosities by Jim Lustenader
Ola #5 by Per Erik Langaanes
Smoke Break by Charles Klein
Cold Night by C. J. Pressma
Turbulence River by Steve Saunders
Ola #1 by Per Erik Langaanes
The Peek by Myron Slabaugh
Pacific Electric Red Cars by Isidore Mankofsky
Honeymoon by C. J. Pressma
Man by Steve Saunders
The Brass Are Coming by Isidore Mankofsky
Junk Buses by Robert M. Currier
Philosophy by Fred Poznak
Grant Park 2 by Fred Poznak
This World by Elio DePisa
Intersection by Jim Johnson
Alley by Allan R. Lamb
Joey by Madeline Barden
First One's Free by Charles Klein
The Old Country by Walter Pinkus
Early Morning Camping by Fred Poznak
Over the Top by Fred Poznak
Snack Time by Myron Slabaugh
#5 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Lunch Break by Charles Klein
Grant Park 1 by Fred Poznak
Benny's Crib by Bernard Spinelli
#8 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli