Concrete Atlantis by John Eaton
Times Square Nite I by Robert Hewgley
Blockhouse Interior by Larry E. Jones
World Trade Center by Raymond Germann
Stairway to Light by James N. Vedder
Watching and Waiting by John Eaton
National Cathedral by Alan Simmons
Corridor by Norman Robbins
Chiang Mai Cat by James N. Vedder
Ghosts of the Sagebrush 12 by Michael Slack
Monument Tower Detail by Erik Nash
Whitney Museum by Raymond Germann
Welcome To The Digital Architectural Age by Marshall Gould
Ghosts of the Sagebrush 11 by Michael Slack
Church Lobby by James N. Vedder
Airport 1 by Wayne Thornbrough
Looking Up by Joe Constantino
Industrial Park by Donald R. Eaton
Roasted Peanuts by Terry Pytlarz
The Escalator by Lynne Mass
High Wired by Marshall Gould
Central Station by Carlos V. Caruso
Byzantine Glory by John Eaton
Bridge Arc by Bob Sanov
Eiffel Tower by Jerry Grasso
Untitiled  #4 by Peter Madero III
The Metal Church by Jack Curran
Campo Della Pescaria by Linda Fitch
Dark At The End Of The Pier by Steven Greenbaum
Kilchurn Castle by John Jimerson
St. Paul's Staircase by Erik Nash