B&W: 2017 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Umbrellas by Norman Robbins
Untitled 3 by Erin Bechtold
The Meeting by Brian Gilwee
Ghost Boxes by Tom Green
Advanced Theoretical Physics Building by Sara Yerkes
A Walk Around McKinney Downtown 2 by Larry Chan
The Water Tower by Ray Schneider
Joy Joy Joy by Bernard Werner
Double Head Doll by Marilyn Canning
Untitled 16 by William Acosta
Domtar Window by Abigail Gossage
Music Mask by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Shape of the Curve 01 by Jose Mendes De Almeida
Forever Faithful by Bill Sinkovich
Tarnished by Ellen G. Ingram
Pump Station by Guy White
Shades of 35-15 #2 by Paul Crampton
F Street Station by Don Buelter
Domtar Basement by Abigail Gossage
Saguaros and Moon by Ari Plosker
Island Daybreak by Shelley Vandegrift
Split Landscape by Susan B. Griffith
The Blimp by John Lewis
The Apartment by Ray Schneider
Rocket by Dave Johns
Two Onions by Sara Yerkes
Hot Lips by Stan Singer
A Little Worse for Wear by Scott Fowler
Hill Of Crosses by Larry E. Jones
Wall Ring by Marj Green
Minimal Weed by Allan R. Lamb
Washing Up by Alan Wood
Gueridon by Ralph Henzler
Covered Window by Susan B. Griffith