B&W: 2016 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Approaching Storm by Daniel Joder
Stairs by Yurik Nestoly
1 Tower by Eli Matityahu
Cathedral Of Notre Dame by Lee Patterson
Untitled #8 by Peter Madero III
Bank of China 1 by Philip Dutch Bagley
Mysterious Staircase by Jerry Hale
Untitled 1 by Milan Bobysud
Library by David S. Bailey
Harpa Hall by Victor Simacek
Deserted Blueberry Farm by Michael Berry
Time of Absence 2 by David Avila-Canamares
The Confluence by Ronald Burnett
Metropolitan Contrast by Nicholas Bell
Downward Spiral by Mark Phillips
West Facade St. Vitus Cathedral by Dave J. Smith
Decay by Jameson West
Brooklyn Web by Jean-Claude Ardila
Landscape #4 by Paul Elliott
Puglia by Charles Allen Haynes
Distort by Peter A. Slevcove
Cottage by William V. DePaulo