Watchful by Alan Wood
Feeding Time by Robert Steffen
Wedding Day by Alan Wood
Zebra Manes by Larry Colby
Avocet by Dawn L.C. Miller
First Kiss by Marshall Gould
Dog in Water by Rene Roalf
Snow Birds by Ed Drake
Secret Garden by Glenn Larsen
Carotene Under The Moon by Kelvin A. Naar R.
The Ripple Effect by Jacob Locker
Morning Sun by Lloyd Gagnon
Dybbol by Rene Roalf
Dog Life #4 by Carole Usdan
Hairy by Jerry Whitty
Watching You by Dona Corben
Hummingbird by Wayne Thornbrough
The Soul of a Horse by Christina Power
Love by Carlos Marchand
Come on In by Larry Colby
Zizou by Edda Blume
Protective Skin by Scott Fowler
Hippo by Kelvin A. Naar R.
Avocet by Joe Washington
Bird Tree by Jerry Whitty
Moose by Bob Neiman
Color Bongos by Ellie Whitsett
Buddhist Goat by Dolores Smart
Cliff Palace by Bernard Werner
Contemplation by Elin D. Dolle
Stray Dog 2 by Randy Wright
The Statuesque Mare by Marshall Gould
Lion by Gordon Middleton
The Moth by Joe Johnson
Wind by Mary Alu
Baby Face by Ellie Whitsett
Young Hawk in Winter by Nathan Caplan
Arroused Pelican by Nathan Caplan
Icelandic by Kathy Ann Mott
Portrait by Michael Moyer
Breckenridge Fox by Gordon Middleton
Meditation by Dawn L.C. Miller
Perfect Harmony by Marshall Gould
Behind Bars by Dennis Usdan
Thinking by Edda Blume
Rebecca's World by Marshall Gould
Small Ant Big Mushroom by Megan Ralph
Untitled 3 by Jane A. Spencer
Concentration by Albert P. Zabin
Big Horn Sheep by Phyllis Goodfriend