B&W: 2015 Portfolio

Travel / People / Places

Christmas by John L. Rodman
A Passage Through Time by Bret Culp
Quiet Views #6 by Terry Pytlarz
Six Flags I by Jay Spilker
People in Iran (11) by Jurgen Grade
1-Abandoned Feed Store by William Weber
Route US 66 Asphalt by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Los Ojos-11 by William L. Witmer
In Campagna #2 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Fog by Wood Dickinson
Broken Windmill by Ed Drake
Manzanar 10_2013 by Steve Wolowitz
Anacatesthesia by Thomas Phoon
Audience by Gregory Poulos
Time to Pray by Larry Colby
Architectural Astronomical Intrument by John P. Lewis
Before the Fiesta by Jill Flyer
Competition by Dale Kirk
Biriyani Rice by Thomas D. Walczyk
Circo Massimo by Chrystal Lea Nause
Seaside 1 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Soft Sunset & Ship by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Tin Type - Morning on Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge by Jim McKinniss
20 Mule Team by Bob Bader
Untitled 04 by Nick Brundage
Hamel Rodeo by Richard Anderson
Boy With Dog 2 by Linda Hollinger
Viterbo Farm by Sherman Bloom
Ceiling House Ruin by Peter Alwyn York
Adobe and Clouds by Ernesto Beall
Platform 3 by Christopher Sellers
A Train Runs Through by Sylvia Ford
Untitled 4 by Steven Greenbaum
A Lone Shack by Steven M. Ford