B&W: 2015 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Atlas by Tyson Rupert
Craigleith Depot by Richard Dakin
Untitled 1 by Rivka Shifman Katvan
Spiral Staircase #1 by Ken Sullins
The Bowery 1970 by R. D. Smith
Dynamics by Kerstin Arnemann
Locke 10 by Ron Discipulo
Untitled 1 by Nathan W. Dean
30 FPS by Bill Rosenberg
Nuestra Senora de Luz by Steven W. Martin
Signs of Life by Christine Leviczky Riek
Abandoned by Sylvia Ford
=II= by Wendi Donaldson
Archway by Delaney Turner
Industrial Articulation  St James Mo  2014-6 by Jack Curran
Disney by Robert Mueller
Bannack Barber's Chair by Tommy Gibson
05 ICA Staircase by Jurgen Donatka
Steel at Night by Igor Danajlovski
Piercing Lights by Tina Kim
Al borde del río by Carlos Rozensztroch
Homestead by Tyler Lyon
Abandoned Everglades Memorial Hospital 1 by Gonzalo Rosendo
Influenced by a Dutchman by Doug Bisson
Untitled16 by John M. Dos Santos
Vegas Angle 1 by Ming Sieberth
Alone On A Hill by Matthew Goldsmith
Church San Francisco de Asis by Rick Chertoff
Wicker at Front Door by Carol MacLeod
Tate by Jessica Wolfe
Abstract Study by Mihai Florea
Metro Man by Mike Holtz
Sombras by Frances Miller
New York 3 by Chris Bruner
East 100th St. 1 by Tanya Ahmed
Coronado Bridge by Kenyon Blower
Double Blades by Davido Rossi
Ancient Ones by Ava Charney-Danysh
Before School by Gabriel Leitner
Railings by William Wiebesiek
Quiet Places 4 by Paul Griffin
Untitled 1 by Barth Riley
Building Reflection with Pegasus by Maurice Leatherbury
Time Served 6 by Don Burke
Bethesda by Charles F. Hammond
Bay Bridge by Linda Fitch
Abandoned Near Belzoni by Talbot Easton Selby
Scotland 11 by Rick Kramer
Chicago Parking Garage by Len Blau
Faith 08 by Rod Mountain