Bow Head by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Passage by Lee Grossman
Prince of Wales Bridge by Lu Zhang
Urban Imposition by Stephen K. Hall
Reflect Grace Church by Lilyan Aloma
Penetration by Jeff Bader
Ogive by Jon Yungkans
Hall Columns by Tom Green
The Tube by Karen Hanley Colbert
Escher's Place by Robert Pendleton
Welcome To Mile Zero #1 by Rob Haff
Concrete Forms & Rebar by Kenneth Sekiguchi
Two Windows by Dennis Usdan
Launching XIX Century Today by Herminio Alberti
Le Gibet by Pohan Wu
Banff Springs Hotel by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Old Elevator by Dylan Smith
Spello by David R. Kosiur
Skyscraper by Mary Woodman
Church on the Prairie by Steve Burkett
Untitled 17 by Alan Hans
Moma by Maximilian Tomei
Eiffel Tower by Ellen G. Ingram
Stairway by Mary Woodman
Date Gates by Janet E. Chanay
Silo by Ross Kaplan
The Opera House by Bjarne Holmgren
Tower Reflection by Jarret Quinn Hardy
I25 by David Pantuso
Long Shadow by Norman Press
Arcs by Norman Press
Pressure of Times by Herminio Alberti
Contrast by Wiley E. Dummich
Scaffolding by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Stairs by Bob Bader
Duomo by Steven Greenbaum
The Visitor by Adam Tan
The Birdcage by Elizabeth Milward
City Center by Marilyn M. Baldi
Clouds Constrained by Karen Hanley Colbert
Minnesota Morn by John L. Rodman
St Matthews Church by Will Hickerson
Gone But Not Forgotten by Steve Burkett
The Window by Karen Hanley Colbert
Victoria Peak Sky Terrace by Dennis Greenhill
The Modern Museum by Dennis Fritsche
Street Detail by Franka M. Gabler
Lato B by Massimo Pedriali
Santa Fe Arches by Jim Curnyn
Fresno Water Tower Fog by Jim Curnyn