B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Pattern / Texture

Flower in the Sky by Bob Chilton
Houston Abstract Reflection No 1 by Clayton Gardinier
Amorphic Flow by Pablo F. Rivera
Aeroport Station 2 by Chris deMatte
Untitled 1 by Aidan Kessler
E = MC2 as seen through the eyes of time by Gale Nobes
Waterscapes-1 by Yiye Teng
Natural Geometries #1 by Jane Yudelman
Kaleidoscope Eyes by Olga Rook
Boat Wake by Larry A. Kjorvested
Slide 10 by Adam Williams
Figures and Snow Erron Hill 10 by Lee Herman
Ice Bubbles by Frank Kaczmarek
Mud Star by Thomas Winter
Brick Work by Norman Press
Forms I by David E. Wensel
Boardwalk by Noe Cosme