B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Portraiture / Children

Teaching Gin by Erin and Steven Reeves
Costume by Tobin Lanzl
Mother &and Child by Wayne D. Buhr
Betty Boop by Marion Bronson
Badlands 10 by Jessica Lutz
The Derby Farm Girl by Eric Howard
Crops are Dead by Larry Dennis
Big Sister by Al Sugerman
Balancing Act by Nicolas Grandmangin
Apple Seller by Joseph Parisi
Wake Up and Dream 1 by Margrieta Jeltema
The Seduction by Curtis Choe
Consecrated 1 by Andre Paxiuta
Power Big Meet 10 by Bjorn Bjornson
Memory of a Thought by Chikiyo Jackson
Danse I by Ted Anderson
Boy's Best by Chelynn Sheehan
Keeping the Faith 11 by Mark A. Bernhardt
Girls by Robert Budniak
Asian Angst by David M. M. Taffet
Afterglow by Svein Nordrum
Street Portrait 1 by Victor Simacek
Graze by Vasiliki Georgiou
Titan 11 by Pepe Canabate
Duchamp Class #1 by Marion Bronson
Forever Tango by Laurence Garcon
Aztec Dancer by Alan George
Artists and Child by Howard Nepo
Aron Canby Welding by Mark Zammitt
Exchanging Thoughts by Jamel Shabazz
Daydreaming by Wendy Ferrero
The Breadmakers 12 by Michael Dorais
Homer Payne by James Pryor
Loitering by Jesse J. McClear