Le Nostre Mani by Michael R. Stimola
Boys at Home by Thomas G. Hocker
Karrin Allyson by Harry Longstreet
Walking to Somewhere by Susan B. Griffith
Untitled 3 by Ken Goodrich
Alan and Jeremy by Dennis Savage
The Streets of Saigon by Jerry Bosworth
Untitled-7 by Glenn Larsen
By the River by Mary Tuggle
Atlantic City #12 - Happiness by Jeff Wiles
Pearls by Kazimierz Salwa
Coal  Miner Buck by Joel Anderson
Untitled 1 by Anne De Geer
Eagl by Vladimir Frumin
Untitled No.9 by Stefano Sagri
Catpack by Scott Hoyle
Self Portrait In Sky Walk by Michael Barath
Jackson Square 2 by Kirsten Whatley
Children of Internally Displaced People from Abkhazia War by Peter Schoen
Jessica #1 Mordencage by Dan Dozer
Portraits-10 by Alan Hans
An Elegy by Hengki Lee
A Claustrophobic Nightmare by Jon Meyer
Drop and Give Me Twwenty by Richard Man
Canadian and US Warriors by Nathan Caplan
Hands by Linda Morrow
Black side by Marc-Andre Robert
Good Ole Boys by Jim LaRocco
Concentration by Bob Tapp
Generations by Dolores Smart
Enjoying A Smoke by Thomas E. Silvey
Girl and Wolf by M L Gitchel
Fredau #13 by Sjur Roald
Knife Wound by Michael Ernest Sweet
Abby by Alvin Reiner
Inmate 10 by Jens Juul
Untitled 2 by Kenneth C. Evans
Boy Leg Rowing by Elaine Jones Heron
La Famiglia Es Todo by Steve Gubin
Adoring Mom by Bruce B. Barshop
Clown Trailer by Tyler Vance
Girl with Bicycle by Aldo Jadrnicek
Portrait by Bruce Nichols
Concave Collision by Michael Skaggs
Bazaar by Conrado Gonzalez
Badger-Cadger 3 by Michelangelo Viterbo
10-Girl with Mechanical Bull. Belfast by William Bullard
Celebration of His Misdeeds in the Comfort of His Own Home by Stanley Olivera
Tammy 20130714 #1 by Jim McKinnis
Boy at Millennium Pond 3 by Laurence Siegel