Buffalo by Vijay Karai
Horse in Stable by Svein Nordrum
Mom and Calf in a Winter Whiteout by Kelly Gray
Jellyfish 01 by Alain Labbe
Against the Wind by Ernesto Beall
Bird on the Wire by Sarolta Gyoker
Chihuahua by Jesse J. McClear
Taking Charge by Marilyn Verducci
Bald Eagle by David Launer
Alone by Bill Davenport
Untitled 1 by Steve Chinn
Behind Bars by James Cammack
Looking Back by Vjatscheslav Kharitonenkav
Deep in Thought of Freer Times by Charly McConnell
Horses Hugging by Ali Shahrouzi
Just Hanging by Michele Usher
A  Curious Gaze by Curtis Choonshick Choe
Dog by Natasha Chadwick
The Grange Fair 3 by John Hovenstine
Lone Bison by Ines Labunski Roberts
After the Storm by Don Bierman
Pelican by Simon Laufer
Aspen Owl by Willow Brown
At Home in Antarctica by Ernie Brooks
Call or Love by Ludmila Espiaube
Warning by John Birchak
Untitled 2 by Eurico Salis
Black Vulture by Christopher Meseke
Resting Fiona by David E. Wensel
Deerscape by George Saines