Untitled 8 by Youngsook Chung Zhang
Just Born by Marilyn Maxwell
Seventh Sense by Marilyn Maxwell
Snack Time by Beverly LaRock
Untitled 3 by Peter Erhard
Raven by William Bullard
Great Horned Owl by Wendi Schneider
Aloft by Allan Goodman
Lion and His Ball by Ernie Husulak
Swan Flight by Steve Burkett
Horse by Mary Woodman
Gull by John M. Dos Santos
Goshawk by Wendi Schneider
Impala Grazing by Seta Karabadjian
Eyes Meet by Roi Hew
White Light by Rick Snively
The Horse by C. R. Cain
Air Show by Jeremiah Cogan
White Dog by Byong-Ho
Eternal Nymph by Delia Giannini-Khavari
Hot Dogs by Lee Grossman
The Crater by Marilyn Maxwell
Baby Sloth  Sucking Toe Falling Asleep by Cleo Wilkinson
Rider by Tyler Vance
The Standoff by Simon Harrington
Drying Off by Cara Niazi
Identical by Lucy Dankova
Perilous Flight by Francine Filsinger
Lazlos by Kutty Reyes
Cat in Window with One Way Sign by Jack Feder
Here's Looking at You Babe by Richard Dewey
Pelicans in Flight by Marc Sheridan
Birds by Rajmund Rajch
Untitled 5 by Colin Gilpin
La femme d'argent by Tracey Pitman
Great Egret by Michael F. Corlew
Birdwing Butterfly by Wendi Schneider
Bison Bull by Benton F. Murphy
Monitor Lizard 2 by Dhairyakant Chauhan
Beach Run by Byong-Ho
Baby Sloth by Cleo Wilkinson
Harris's Hawk by Wendi Schneider
Suspicion by Ron Discipulo
Caramel by Roi Hew
Maternity by Lee Grossman
Cat in a Shack by Jake Hart
Grear Blue Heron by Michael F. Corlew
Lawrence and the Bull by Jim Turner
Pier 39 by Joel Kubicki Jr.
Chickadee by Jeffrey Logesky