Final Judgement by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Battery Dyer by Larry E. Jones
City Center by Sorin Costache
Ardmore House #5 by Edwin Close
ArtWall Buildings by Lee Moses
Castle Walls by Mark Seawell
Tulip Staircase 1616 by Stephen Hodgetts
Untitled 2 by Mark Kurita
Watergate No 3 by Steve Burkett
Top of the Stairs by Bill Moy
Post Office by Jim Washington
The Bow 1 by Arete
Campo Della Hoops by Steve Burkett
Morning Commuter by Marshall Gould
Shadowed Stairway by Betty Johnson
Windows at Getty Center by Sorin Costache
Waiting by Karen H. Colbert
Arrangements 1 by Jerry Grasso
Untitled 1 by Richard V. Bava
Empty Cell by Bill Moy
Empty Room by Bill Moy
New York at Night by Charles Cohen
Getty 1 by James A. Crawford
Underpass by Lu Zhang