B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Portraiture / Children

Gateway madonna by Alex Braverman
Cowpoke by Ralph Stout
Beale Street by Todd Fox
10 Devastation by Jurgen Dopatka
Artist by Cleo Wilkinson
Botana Herbalist by Thomas G. Hocker
Call to the Present by Jon Kolkin
West Coast Noir 2 by Mike Spector
Owen and Jack by Ron Draxler
Boatlady by Charles F. Mason
Aleksandra by Ken Merfeld
Bench Sitter by Joseph Barnett
01 - Spanish Quarter Warning by Stan Raucher
Walking by Richard M. Caplan
The Roma of Kesan 11 by Raymond van Tassel
Dead Sea Spa by Michael Gora
Blast Furnance Laborer by Beverly Conley
Coffee Shop by Benny Asrul
Aluminium Bodies 9 by Tiziano Micci
Encounters 1 by Larry Kincaid
Life and fiction by Lev Tsimring
02Half of the roomToronto2012 by Marina Black
Lief Peterson by Fred Rosenberg
Alejandra by Carole Usdan
Europe trip 03 by Silvestre Machado
People_of_Bali10 by Susan Hillyard
Ink Muse 1 by Michael Slack
window01-tuscany-2009 by Stefano Montigiani
Matsuri festival float bearers by Rick Menapace
Family Portrait by Don Jacobson
Untitled1 by Patricia de Ocio Dudley
Lipstick by Anne De Geer
Down by Gervasio by Vladimir Frumin
Depression  Reno Nevada 8-5-2010 by Jeffrey Sinnock
Pain V_Cincinnati_OH_2012 by J. Michael Skaggs
Boys Playing At Abandoned Snowmobile by Bill Sharpsteen
Man in Thought by Patricia Sweeney
Marilyn by Scott Hoyle
Alone by Shifra Levyathan
Dogon Mother and Child by Robert Moran
Aligators in Heritage Square by Stephanie Torbert
South East Asia Impressions 01 by Paolo Burlando
joe port lucie fl 2006 by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Austyn by John Earl Brown
Untitled 7 by Pak Han
Hasidic Children 1 by Alan Kornfeld
BandW portraits-10 by Alan Hans
August 6 by Ka-Luen Chan
Untitled1 by Chuck King
And I Miss You So by Hengki Lee