SC by Ron Plumhoff
Anticipation by Marshall Gould
Dry Tongue by Stephen Roderick Hopkins
A Cowboy and his Horse by Roberta McGowan
Three Black Birds by Elisabeth Groat
Mission District by Lisa Franklin
Untitled 2 by Estevao Manuel Lafuente
Blackbird Palm Beach FL 2012 by Susan Taylor
African Buffalo by Gary Kingsley
Observant Heron by Mira Gafney
Yak Drive by Rick Kattlemann
8. Sheep by R.D. Smith
Fallen by Michael Ebbs
Nr. 1 by Imre Hancz
Avocet Courtship Ballet by John F. Tsumas
Cozy by Lynn Rae Fenimore
La Vaca by Kellie Fitzgerald
Bird in flight by Wendy Broekx
Fido by James Cingone
Being Here Now by Robert Dromgoole
Buffalo by Gifford Ewing
Adult Harp Seal by George T. Grubb
Hart Park Cat by Brandy Emerson
Hoofbeats by Cheyenne Flemming
Dolphins 1-Bahama Banks 2000 by John Conn
Wilbur by Brian Lockyer
A-Woo-Woo-Wooo by Mike Worsham
Late Octopi 1 by Joel Kubicki Jr.
Bird by Jan Malmstrom
Ready by Allen Griggs
Morikami Koi Fish by Coelina Jones
I Don't Belong by Bailey J. Salamanca
Arenal 4 by Melvin Rodriguez
The Florida Everglades by Barry J. Merluzzo