B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

observance of nothing by Bailey J. Salamanca
Chelsea by Anne-Marie C. Dannenberg
DIA Reflect 1 by David Pantuso
GLF Grain Mill by Mark Kirsch
The Arch by Andre Aloshine
Willson Ruins by Luke Zhang
Archway Ruins by R. Scott Taylor
Empty Room by Mark Coggin
Untitled1 by Chad Wise
Bridge to Nowhere by Mark Brosius
Art Deco by Peter Charles Labrosse
01 Brooklyn Bridge with Hot Dog Stand New York City by Joe Constantino
Untitled 11 by Nate Johnson
Architectural Eclecticism by Thomas S. Parry
Power Station by David Parks
Untitled 10 by Oscar Fernandez
9-11 Memorial by Nihat Iyriboz
Untitled 03 by Dominika Kochaneck
Unfinished_dreams4 by Joanna Borowiec
Bridge Over the Davidson by Harry O'Connor
Rio Grande Bridge by Shelly Moore
Untitled 1 by Rich Smukler
Bridges of Madison County by William Rainey
Horses by Pat Parth
Remnants of the Departed Plate 2 by Robb Johnson
City Tree by Michael D. Frey
Saint Barbara by Kyle Willson
Ancient Farm Building by Nathan Caplan
untitled 42 by Michael W. Scherlacher
House #1 by Richard Tucker
A View With A View by Brendan T. Kelly
Wetlands Barn 1343 by Marty Knapp
Casa_Bogotá by Jorge Cruz
Untitled 2 by Tor-Arne Riksheim