B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Guinness 44 by Alex Braverman
Chaco Canyon Chaco Culture National Historical Park NM 2008 by Dennis R. Ford
Facade by Ralph Stout
Haunted Abbey by Steve Zigler
Glowing Stairway by Marj Green
Carrie Furnace I by Howard Grill
01 CMC Infinity by Jurgen Dopatka
Cathedral by Pierre Laroche
Colosseum 2 by Michael R. Stimola
Locked Up After 100 Years by Tom Green
Ocean Dreams 7 by Mike Spector
S-21 Interrogation Center by Charles F. Mason
House and Raindrops by Joseph Barnett
Urban Geometry 1 by Barbara Bender
Framed by Genius by Joe Puglisi
End of the Road by Allan R. Lamb
Bayside #2 by Ron Hugo
Black Out 1 by Peter Madero III
Eastern State Penitentiary - Alley by Patricia Leeb
The Clay Factory #2 by Bob Ashley
Chicago street in Spring by Steve Damascus
Untitled 12 by David Bardes
Untitled 5 by Rick Menapace
Kyoto-Train Station by Don Jacobson
Entryways by Karen Rozbicki Stringer
Church by Royden F. Heays
Control Amargo by Lewis Francis
Fade out 6 by Carl Hurens
Kotelnicheskaya by Abigail Gossage
Shopping Cart  Reno 4-19-2012 by Jeffrey Sinnock
Alley Way by Suzanne Schwartzman
Abandoned House by Paul Matte
The Abbey by Patricia Sweeney
Angles and Corners by Shifra Levyathan