B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Curvature by Marcus Z.
Apathy by Kristina West
Center of the Universe by JW Johnston
Forge Tools by Jack Ottoway
Apprentice Shop Window by Leslie Inman
Park Benches by Bruce R. Croffy
Lost Liberty by Dale LaFollette
Awaiting Repairs by Allan R. Lamb
Crossed Fences Railyard by Shawn Hays
A Time For All Things by Gray Hawn
Your Move by Patricia Turo
Abandoned by Nicole Chieco
Triple Nude by Alan Wood
O Anjo by Antonio Guerra
Suk by Giorgio Melis
Double Cross by Joel Cohen
Shades by Robin Ward
Bed by Ed Sherline
Orchestra by Richard N. Tucker
Make Levees Not War by Cindy Bendat
Engine McMinnville by Don Jacobson
Smoking Kills by Richard N. Tucker
Thames River by Erwin G. Markowitz
Untitled 1 by Wojtek Zajbert
Thanksgiving Day by Nathan Caplan
Skylight by John T. Sodon
Crypt Door Detail by Harry L. Hinkle
Levers by Tom Green
Bicycles by Hal Kaye
Chapel Shoes by Elizabeth Rand
Almost There by Edward Ries
The Committee by Edward Ries
Chairs by Beverly LaRock
Dinner for Two by Robb Johnson
The Sacrificial Real Estate by Marshall Gould
Untitled by Stefini Borcoman
Shadows and Stairs by Susan B. Griffith
Runners by Scott Clarke
Fall in New England by Lawrence Cincotta
Next by Krzysztof Brzeski
Buoy by Darrell Sano
Replicas by Kenneth Marty
Harbor Orphan by Erwin G. Markowitz
Parking Lot by Karen Rozbicki Stringer
A Perversion by Anna Capaldi
West Texas Pumps by Steven Reeves
Segments by Barbara Bender
Charles Baudelaire by Terry Bowker
Triumph TR3 by Steve Siegel
Bicycles by Jacqueline Byers