B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Man Down by Lee Grossman
Flag by Aaron Marko
Yard Art by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Puddle Reflection by Marj Green
New Mexico No 8 by Stefano Sagri
Drill Presses by Jack Ottoway
The Hands by Anne De Geer
1936 Ford by John Howard
Hopeless by Anna Capaldi
Ruins by Christina Heliker
Bedroom Window by Allen Thornton
Shrine Guardian by David A. Kunin
Surface Reeds by Mark Raymond Mason
Cherub by Ryan Eastwood
Still Waiting by Marshall Gould
Kitchen Still LIfe by Peter Erhard
A Mercy by Anna Capaldi
Three Crosses by Linda Hollinger
Fork 1 by Donna Rosser
Burn by Margaret Crowley Kiggins
Testimony by Carlos V. Caruso
Untitled by Jacqui L. Franks
Dumpster by Christopher Briggs
Rusty Industrial Beauty by Alan Wood
Cementary by Michael Stoklos
Millennium Centre by Stephen Hodgetts
Final Voyage by Edward Ries
Patiently Waiting 2 by Joel Addams
Nap Time by Robert Steffen
Snow Fence by William Brennan
Moot by Charles N. Hedeen
Ghostly Icons by Jim Cook
Retired by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Cross Country by Michael Knapstein
Two Chairs by Galen Tom
Window Ghost by Bill Sinkovich
Superior by Susan B. Griffith
Clam Boat by Steve Burkett
Nurses Memorial by Eric Odinski
Iron Horse by Robb Johnson
Death of a Mannequin by Stephen Hodgetts
The Diametric Landscape by Marshall Gould
Support System by Brian Koski
Beach Fence by Susan B. Griffith
Lake by Enrique Alvarez
Rocquaine Study 2 by Tim Harvey
Two Doors by Edward Ries
Shop Window by Shinya Ichikawa
Wild Wall by Dan Plunkett
Drippy Stopcock by Lon Casler Bixby