B&W: 2013 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Rocks Sculpture by John F. Doyle
Ferocious by Jane Vickers
Untitled 10 by Eli Matityahu
Congeries by Ralph Henzler
The Fork by Fiona Keyes
Scale and Onions by Donald Kahn
Dock by Ryan Watkins
Wheelchair by Richard N. Tucker
Thai House Bangkok by Anne Tapler White
Kodak Vigilant by John T. Strong
Many Miles by Anna Capaldi
Pueblo Kiva by Carolyn Guild
The Throne by Paul Crampton
Adaptation by Lee Grossman
Found Still Life 4 by Dan Nanni
Porpita by Dan Plunkett
Trash by Rosemary H. Williams
Escher's Gallows by Bernard Werner
Hitched by David Forehand
Old Chevy by Steven W. Martin
Ghost Town by Peter Erhard
Untitled Still Life by Peter Thompson
Guardian by Richard Carl Smukker
Bel Air '57 #2 by Dan Richard Barber
Balloons by Diane DeQuevedo
Pipes by Chip Bulgin
Tools and Toys by Jack Ottoway
The Grain Train by Marshall Gould
Generation Gap of Caps by Alan Wood
Media Overload by Grace Kiggins
Rusted Lock by Josh D. Phillips
Carl's by Michael Christopher Denham
Sago Palm by Dan Dozer
Perpetual Crucifixation by Jim Cook
Fog Bell by Rodger Overholser
Anvil and Hammer by Jack Ottoway
Fire Escape by Vien Ngo
Crib by Enrique Alvarez
Where's the Fire by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Biography 4 by Graham Alexander
Bourbon Weight by Jacqueline Byers
Boots by Jim Sinsheimer
Please Take Your Seat by Alan Wood
The Smell of Oil and Metal by Michael Merne
White Bridge by Steve Burkett
Turn in the Road by Nathan Caplan
Worn Out by Stuart Brontman
Left Bank by Diane DeQuevedo
The Wrack by Fred DeFilippo