B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Portraiture / Children

Come In by Steven Hopkins
Chicken on a Leash by Alan Kornfeld
County Fair #12 by Alan Hans
Bob by Bill Lord
Beauty of the Dance by Gray Hawn
A Life in a Suitcase by Gabriel Stanciu
Of Native Heritage by Marti Belcher
A Thought by Joseph Corrado
Izabela I by Andrew Szpiech
Jessica by Mark Berry
120 Broadway by Mick Andreano
Floating Village 1 by Cory Zaradur
Epilogue by Hengki Lee
Costa Boy by Darren Paskal
Children by Olivier Borson
Leta's Smile by Jay Spilker
White Dove by Jay Warren
Almost Ready by Kelly Shipp
Broken Doll by James Helmer
Daily Watch by Thomas E. Rollins
It's All About Concentration by Amanda J. Cain
Angelina 01 by Valeria Vari
Exitlude by Sarah Lusto
Camburi by Jose Luis Silva
Arousing Solitude by Sara LeCarno
Awaiting for the Storm by Richard Man
Brothers by Roger Cody Bost
Man Looking at Self in Mirror by Jim McKinniss
Compassion by Tim Geurkink
Ecce Homines 2 by Carlo Cassanelli
Beauty by David Lykes Keenan
Looking At... by Boros Gabor
Robert by Nathan Caplan
Going to Work by Juan C. Jimenez