B&W: 2012 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Alamo Nights by Joanne Scherf
Ogle Cabins by Daniel Ruf
Untitled 2 by Ari Plosker
Escape by Doug Bisson
Bird in Flight by Eduardo Bermudez
Nautilus by Robin Genin
Geometric by Eduardo Fujii
Urban Shadows 1 by Rhea Malinofsky
Ground Control by Simone Koffman
The Path by Daniel Portal
My Feet in Our Room by Lee Grossman
Giotto's Campanile by Ron Hugo
Cathedral by Alicja Gubała
Tree and Gasworks 2 by Vangelis Vassalakis
Cyclorama by Michael A. McCullough
Lines Crossed by Ellen Yampolsky
Three Windows by John Huffman
Bridge Tender's House in Fog by Mary Woodman
Stairway by William Brennan
Derelict Armchair by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Underpass by Vangelis Vassalakis
Atlantic Ave by David Klegon
Little Russian Church on the Hill by Bill Sinkovich
Doors Open by Toni Wallachy
Balcony and Tree by Vangelis Vassalakis
Abandoned Factory by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Staircase by Michael Rosenhek
Salt Lake City Library At Midnight 2 by Etsuko Kato
Grist Mill Winter by Richard Tranfaglia
Plantation by Rachel Ruderman
Inspired Genius by Jeff Clay
High Street Reflection 2 by Richard Tranfaglia
White House by Mike Spitz
Chopsticks by Benjamin Liew