The Shot by George Durr III
White House by Arnfinn Johnsen
Responsbility by Jessica Somers
Skylight by Barbara Bender
Window to Our Dreams by James D. Lewis
Untitled 4 by Larry Hurlbut
In and Out by Jure Kravanja
Leaping Toward the Light by Prescott Moore Lassman
Kemper Sky 4A by Richard Lotman Brown
Glimmer by Marjorie Kay
Abstract Compressed Garbage by Ernesto Perez
Id by John Paul Davis
Nestled #62 by JW Johnston
Tequa Plaza by Ron Draxler
Poor Ducky by Tanita Leets
Vanishing Bride by Tootie Nienow
Two Faces by Susan B. Griffith
Looking Back by Lee Grossman
Solid by Yash Holbrook
Smoke by Brenda Lindfors
Abstract Glyph by Andrew Ilachinski
Cocoon 2 by Eva Fayman
Breaking Point by Sonia Oliveira
On the Stairs by Sanford Davis
Untitled 34 by Nick Johnson
Storm Stories by Phyllis Featherstone
Under the Bridge by Kevin M. Corcoran
Nocturnal Life Form by Louis Montrose
Stepchild of Wrath by Daniel Rarela
Buffalo River Wall by Keith Broadhurst
Jesus Image by Paul Roelofs
Into the Light by Kirill Surov
Lovers by Natasha Leibel
Waterfall by Juliet Harrison
Through the Veil by John Paul Davis
A Flying Day by Kraisri Prakobkong
Spaces 4 by David Parquet
Untitled 27 by Nick Johnson
Hannah by Gabe Sheen