Striper by Stan Singer
Buffalo by Susan Stone
Stealing by Owen O'Rourke
Elk by Jeffrey Glasser
Cicada 1 by Glenn Bering
Angle by David E. Becker
Any Leftovers by Rima Stones
Point Reyes Birds by Tess Abts
Horse Soul by Alexander Norelli
Pelicans and Seagulls by Paul E. Mongillo
Untitled by Brad Isaacs
Lavender Mules by Juliet Harrison
Showtime by Jason Jilg
Watching the Herd by Gary Regulski
Cleaning the Feathers by Laura Rossi
Crows by Ron Draxler
In the Aquarium #2 by Lee Grossman
Lunch by Aaron Marko
Black-Crowned Night Heron by Susan Hillyard
The Couple by Carlos Rego
Goose by Daniel Rice
Fresh Catch by Robert Goldstein
Exhibition by Dugoni Roggero
Pardners by Susan Stone
Jellies by Carol Stanley
Mariposa Butterfly by Gerald Ratto
Dont Fence Me In by Scott Fowler
Gorilla by Barry Steven Greff
Egret by Chuck Nakell
Feline Diva by Benno Auerbach
Leopard In Paris by Shinya Ichikawa
You are Safe with Me by Binh Trinh
Thinker by Aaron Marko
M.E. and Pandora by Virgil DiBiase