Color: 2010 Single Image

Metaphor / Abstract

Red Scarf Monet by Jon Kolkin
Dinner Date by Colleen Hines
Abstract 1 by David Gillman
Mountain Maples by Joe Bauwens
Impression-12-5 by Hal Kaye
Abstract 3 by David Gillman
Ophelia After by Barbara Manners
Feline by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Red Car with Flames by Joe Bauwens
Untitled 2 by Jarmo Honkanene
Terra by Timothy G. Long
Falling Chair by Susan B. Griffith
Serenade. Greenwood Village. CO. 2008 by Susan Propper
Untitled by David Bishir
Diving Board in the Rain by Mike Spector
Pretending to be Human by Susan B. Griffith
Reflection in a Dutch Door by Sally Reis Vogt
Camas Prairie by Joe Bauwens
Dancers #2 by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Night Streaks by Allan Goodman
Untitled 3 by Jeannie Sharp
Impression-7-9 by Hal Kaye
Genie in a Bottle by Jerry Eisner
Salvage Abstract Red by Maria Muller
Untitled 2 by Jeannie Sharp
Rear View by Jill Ediger
Cap and Gill Geode by Jan Wolyniak
Harajuku Mannikin by Dale Leifeste
Redfish Lake by Joe Bauwens
Impression-4-18m Florida by Hal Kaye
Flame Dancers 1537 by Bob Neiman
Head 1 by Lance Gifford
The Babysittter (3-photo composite) by Jeff Wiles
Untitled 1 by Jeannie Sharp