Color: 2010 Single Image

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

The Place Where Bad Leafs Go by Robert Thompson
Adrift 3 by Rosemary Brittain
Fungus 2 by Thomas Watkins
Portrait of a Turnip by Karen Lynch
Hot Plate Indianapolis by Ana Serif
Flower with Fly by John Guild
Green Rose 1 by Teresa Saporiti
Peony VI by Karen Lynch
Golden Tree by Daniel Holik
Going-with-the-flow by Eduardo Fujii
Feather on Leaf by Allan Goodman
Prancing Bee by Allan Goodman
Cypress Leaves On Pond by Daniel Holik
Adrift 2 by Rosemary Brittain
Bell Flower 1 by Teresa Saporiti
Leaf On Grate by Michael Elenko
The Apple by Don Russell
Tree Stages by Gene Davis
Flower Galactica by John Guild
Tulip by Anne Hopkins
Golden Mushrooms by Heather Siple
Frosted Tapestry by Donald Bolak
Prickly Pear Cactus Bud by Robert Cleveland
Narcussus by Teresa Saporiti
Lemon Candy by Jean Lannen
Dahlia by Daniel Rice
Maple Leaf by Kevin Babcock
Still Life with Pomegranate by Sabina Hopfer
Reeds by Bruce Cohen
Haiku by Larry Kincaid
Still Life with Capsicum by Sabina Hopfer
Untitled 1 by Jarmo Honkanene
Camelia 1 by Teresa Saporiti
Green Rose 2 by Teresa Saporiti