Sunflower Cat by Jerome Skiscim
Cock Fight 10 by Nicholas Dantona
Hunter by Catherine Panebianco
Napping by Charlsie Shaver
Equine Landscape by Christopher Costanza
Sun Conures by Charlsie Shaver
Eared Grebe by Bill Bain
Farmer Franny by Judi Richins
Dark Pool by Alan Mahood
Downward Spiral by Barry Steven Greff
Ladybugs by Garry Gay
Butterfly #5 by Ted Fuller
Chickadee on Frosted Branch by Bill Bain
Contact by Guy Belleville
Dragonfly by Bill Bain
Ghost Dressage 2 by Jane A. Spencer
Natural Design by Barry Steven Greff
Tropidacris Dux by Paul Eekhoff
Surprise by Guy Belleville
Corbetti by Paul Eekhoff
Picnic Visitor by Bill Bain
Almost There by Juan A. Navarro
Walking Daisy by Beate Sass
Cows by Matt Shallenberger
Untitled by Paul Indman
Grumpy by Jeremiah Cogan
Alice by John Peterman
Ghost Dressage 3 by Jane A. Spencer
Brook and Annie by Barbara Ford Doyle
Callie by Mike Spector
Colors of Ngorongoro by Christopher Costanza
Eurytides by Paul Eekhoff
Backpacker by Judi Richins
Grey Butterfly With Yellow Flowers by Johnina Payne Young
Dads Cows by Lon Casler Bixby
Watchful Eye by Bill Bain
I See You by Juan A. Navarro
Illusion by Barry Steven Greff
Cock Fight 20 by Nicholas Dantona
The Eyes Have It by Stan Singer
Silverback by David G. Smith
Seagull by Anne Hopkins
Attack by Bill Bain
Saudersi by Paul Eekhoff
Young Buck by Bill Bain
Hebomoia Leucippe by Paul Eekhoff
The Path by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Alligator Eye by Barry Steven Greff
Ascent by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Mistress of the Garden by Ellie Ivanova