Color: 2010 Portfolio

Metaphor / Abstract

Yang-02 by Alex Braverman
Cadillac Ranch by Dennis R. Ford
Bouquet by Dennis Fritsche
Boots and Butts by Maddie Holbrook
Arrow and Yellow Line by Joseph Barnett
Abstract Landscape 01 by Andrew Ilachinski
Aegir by Byron O'Neal
Brazil to Chicago by Rachel Phillips
Karmella by Abigail Wellman
Untitled 12 by Janet Weaver
2 Cool 2 Care by Dennis Hodges
Close Encounter by Paul Ferrin
Blue Pony by Curtis Salonick
Impression by Hal Kaye
At The End by D. Peter Collins
Cous in Carl by Paul Matte
Hand 1 by Lance Gifford
Bending Tulips by Dale Johnson
Firebird by Hunter Wyatt-Brown
Dyed Eggs by Jennifer Gordon
Ed's Red by Art Ferrier
Junkyard - Coil by Erin Wilson
Get Off the Chair! by Steven Dembo
Blue Man by Fred Newman
Blue Maroon by Anthony Luzi
Number 20 by C E Morse
Aspen Motion by Carol Rooney
Cat's Cradle by Clare Benson
At Work by Claudia Rippee
Snowstorm 1 by Corinne Planche
Angry Boy's Wall by David Julian
Fall from Grace 3 by Gary Turchin
Forbidden Memories II by George Riveron
Asian Market Wall Streeters on a Coffee Break by Jim Kasson
Fashion by Joseph Martin
Into the Night by Kate Zacharewski
Water Puppet by Lily Phan
End of the Game by Marco Vergano
A Boy and his Rhino by Mark Greenland
Bill's Board by Mark W. Rockwood
Shadow Portrait by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Egghead by Michael Cheng
A Potrait by Michael R. Ransdell
Sea Wall of Rust by Ralph Sammarco
Burst 1 by Ricardo Rodriguez
Leaf Abstraction No. 1 by Robert McCurley
Albedo - from the series Other Alchemy by Roberto Fernandez Ibanez
Ace of Hearts by Sharon Arnold
Blue Window by Shifra Levyathan
Connected #1 by Taylor Graham