Color: 2010 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Ghost Train by Jeremiah Cogan
Umbrella 1 by John Jacquemain
Baskets by Harold E. McCray
Shore Set-01 by Mike Noble
Heartache by Teresa Baber
Lower Level by Steve Dzerigian
Broad St by Wayne Norton
Twin Sinks by Joseph Barnett
CT #1 by John Wesley
D'Orsay Arch by John Petersen
1955 Buick Special by Gregory Collins
Blushing Strawberries by Peter Pusztai
Combinations of the Threes by Alvis Upitis
Checkers by Aline Smithson
Attending Angel by Gary Schatan
Colors and Lines by Sara Mortimer
Angel Wing by Dennis Hodges
Blue Door by Michael James Wallischeck
Beauty In Symmetry by Francine Douaihy
Mine Shaft Door by Kevin Tallant
Water Tower 1 by Kevin Babcock
American Signs 6 by Ronald Cooley
Car Doors by Don Russell
Air Pump by Robert Steffen
Bird Tree by Phillip A. Windell
A Modern Madonna and Child by Rita Pignato
Abandon Places by D. Peter Collins
By The Wayside by John Van Aken
Final Parking Spot by Jim DeLutes
Blue Doors by Clark Gray
Ghosts of New York by Patricia Sweeney
Along Highway 60 by Rachel Schneiderman
Above Water by Jari Poulin
Standpipe 1 by Susan Guthrie
Back Office by James C. Ritchie
Colorful Bangkok by Agnieszka Szczurowska
America Recycled by Asha Walidah
Red White and Blue by Bogdan Pieniak
Bike Lock Still Life by Craig Akabak
Buoys by Riccardo Barbieri
1944 Federal Ave by Scott Brock
Bayfront Warning by Stefanie Cannon
Austin Healey 100m by Chuck Koosmann
Mask 1 by Ezekiel Tarango
Boat by George Fischer
01 David Webb Monkey Clip by Javier Dominguez
Broadway by Paul F. McMillan
Abandoned by Sherry Adkins
Untitled 1 by John Kerkacharian
12 #1 by Art Ferrier