Color: 2011 Single Image

Metaphor / Abstract

Alien Oasis by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Connections by Laurits Haaning
Untitled 7 by Doug Rucker
Alien Cherokee by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Untitled 2 by Julius Friedman
Moment Phone by Michael Flinn
On Klee by Laurits Haaning
Little Red Riding Hood by Robert C. Jenks
Night of the Ancients by Jim DeLutes
Alien Aura by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Painted Eucalyptus V by Stephen B. Smith
Premonition by Eduardo Bermudez
Current Fall Color by Paul O'Brien
Man in the Black Suit by Patricia Sweeney
Abstract Emotions 03 by K.T. Shiue
Face in the Trees by Shanti Golden
Les Chevaux Sauvauges by John L. Coker
Homage Duchamp by Roger Lieberman
Alien Samurai by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Abstract Emotions 02 by K.T. Shiue
Inverted Cloud by Ewa Messner
Dangerous Encounter by Joseph Ruesing
Scratch The Dog by Bradford Dunlop
Warp Speed by Barbara Bender
Jungle Children by Shanti Golden
Alien Passion by Michael Murphree & Rodrigo Pedrolli
Bakemaster by Carol MacLeod
World War IV by J. K. Morley
Graffiti by Jon K. Meyer
Klingon Temple Entrance by Jan Wolyniak
Untitled 6 by Doug Rucker
Traffic Lights by Aurelio Martinez
The Return of the Repressed by Jon K. Meyer
Ancient Romance by Maaike van Oorschot
Self Portrait in Pittsburgh by Ron Hendricks
Fresco Piper by D. Peter Collins
Psyche by Robin Ward
Valley of the Dolls by Fee Chin
Walk In The Woods by Nicole Picard
Jenny's Blanket by Ron Hendricks
Is Anyone Home by Sean Hoisington
Anchor Boy by David W. Porter
Stormy Night by Suzi Moore McGregor
Message Overload by Scott Page
Untitled 3 by Doug Rucker
Less Dangerous by William Petrovic
Road Trip by Ron Hendricks
The Wood Nymph by Curtis Salonick
Touch Me by Eduardo Bermudez