Eagles Picnic by John A. Sargent Jr.
Blue Bird Bath by Alan Wood
Spoonbill 2 by Eduardo Bermudez
M oberthuri f. decorata by Paul Eekhoff
Hey Girls by Andy Shield
Untitled 8 by Kerry Butterworth
Dragonfly by Jon K. Meyer
Bee in Thistle by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Doggie Dancing by Robert C. Jenks
Chicken Head by Barbara Hazen
Sheep by Brooke Bevans
Red Fishtail by Carol MacLeod
Waiting for his Kiss by Alan Wood
Koi by Rick Menapace
Moon and Bird by Robert Biondo
The Other World by Tomas DeMoss
Pig Farm by Chong Kok-Yew
Paying Homage by Suzi Moore McGregor
Bisbee Stray by Dane Stephenson
Feeding Time by Robert Biondo
Liquid Jelly by Laurie B. McCormick
Wheat Bug by Annelise Day
Katydid by Dick Lavine
Peaceful Pasture by Lee Sowle
Poised Dragonfly by Allan Goodman
Hippo by Eduardo Bermudez
Puffin's  Catch by Robert Biondo
Blue Eye by Carolyn S. Cogan
Hungry Robins by Laurie H. Jacobs
Elephant Profile by Eduardo Bermudez
Horse Head by Rachel Therrien
London Plane Tree Bark and Moth by Beverly Norman
Grange #3 by Beata Wolniewicz
Cranes on Road by Rick Summerhill