Cat by Bob Chitrakar
Calm Before The Storm by Alex DeVilbiss
Immersion Dance #2 by Darrell Sano
Chiusi de Lago by Dennis R. Ford
Go Fish by Bretta Holstein
Jello On Wall by Lisa M. Thorne
Stork by Melissa Cook
Donkey 1 by Holly Baumann Ambuehl
Born To Stray 04 by Wu Yi-Ping
Horse and the Rain by Simone Koffman
Untitled by Howard Fine
Horse by Robert Colontuono
Jordi by Lee Shaw
C'mon Dad by Rick Menapace
Big Catch by Dolores Smart
Distant Heron by Chuck Nakell
Egret by Kent Croy
Untitled by Jeff Martin
Blackbirds by Ron Hugo
Three Elephants by Bob Demchuk
Fierce Eyes by Chong Kok-Yew
Fallen Angel by Erlend B. Enger
Head On by Katherine Burness
First in Flight by Brett Beckman
Fence Of Death by Vassilis Constantineas
American Pride by Brett Beckman
Greyhound by Roy Pataro
Hopkins Reef Monterey Bay by Chuck Davis
After the Race by Kristin Howe
Chinstrap Penguin by Stephen B. Smith
Timelessness by Andrew Ilachinski
Elephant March by Bob Demchuk
Untitled 1 by Evangelos Kalogiannidis
Partners by Kristin Howe